Green Products

From material purchasing to manufacturing to end use and disposal, any steps within the life cycle of a product could post serious impacts on the environment. Therefore, at the beginning stage of designing a product, not only should users' needs, functionalities and value added be focused, but also carefully plan each step in a manner that reduces the burden of the environment and make a contribution to the Earth in every stage. We think that a product design meeting green concept should cover three aspects: choice of materials, energy-saving design and recyclability of the product, and also accommodate international trend, benefits of interested parties and customer's need in environmental friendly design to achieve the best Eco-effectivness.

Green Product Strategy
The following is the established green product goals

No field return or loss caused by RoHS Issue when shipping products, and continuously monitoring the changes of global HSF and EU RoHS Revision in order to take a lead to achieve the requirements.

Established the ability to design and manufacture halogen-free product since 2009, and meeting customer's demand and international trend to massively produce halogen-free lithium batteries.

Respond to global acts on energy saving and GHG emission reduction, designed energy-saving products, and to achieve the goal of reducing 8% of energy consumption per product.

Green Design
To achieve the development and services in our green products, our design in every stage of the product life cycle
- Supplier chain management
- Manufacturing
- Transportation
- Disposal

We established the design guidelines for green product implementation, especially on the selection of our components and the power saving design are as our most concerned impact on environment. Shenzhen Cellularmega Co.LTD. imposes a restriction on hazardous substances (GPSS/GPMS), set a mechanism for sample testing management, and develop the “Shenzhen Cellularmega Co.LTD. environmental standards” to require our supplier chain for management of chemical substances control, and GHG emissions reduction. Here are the green design standards:
- Control of the chemical materials which have the environmental concerns
- Use of the eco-materials
- End-of-life design
- Life-cycle extension design
- Power saving design
- Green packaging
- Low electromagnetic wave and noise
- Ergonomics

Active implementation of the product components design:
- Mechanics: use of the non-toxic materials; easy-disassembly design of the junction; use of the recyclable external components
- Hardware / Power supply: use of the non-toxic (lead-free) materials; design of the low embodied energy circuit
- Mechanical techniques: low noise / low consumption / low resource usage fan design; use of the environmental friendly thermal dissipation materials
- Industrial and packaging design: use of the non-toxic materials; less volume and recyclable packaging
- Circuit board: use of the low resource usage and friendly environmental materials; use of the lead-free board

Shenzhen Cellularmega Co.LTD. realizes that as the one of ODM leading-edge companies of Notebook PC Batteries ,Power Tool batteries, Digital Camera Batteries, Portable Power Bank and other relative products sold to corners of the world. Therefore we have been working hard on relative aspects, and accomplish following A+ achievements in 2010:
- 10 Halogen-free environmental friendly products
- 10 US EPEAT Gold/ Silver products
- 20 HONGKONG /TAIWAN Green Mark & China CECP certified products
- 100% Energy Star compliance products and so for forth….