Corporate Social Responsibility

What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the responsibility of an organization for the impacts of its decisions and activities on society, the environment and its own prosperity, known as the “triple bottom line” of people, planet, and profit. Not only do responsible, sustainable and transparent approaches help build brand and reputation, they help strengthen the community and therefore the marketplace. A solid business plan, embedded into the business culture, reflecting organizational values and objectives through strategic CSR application, will help to build a sustainable and profitable future for all.

Shenzhen Cellularmega Co.LTD  realizes that CSR is important to remain sustainable. Strong communities support strong organizations; the reverse is also true. As a global organization, we will look for global strategies that have local relevance.

We encourage our community to read Our Common Vision, our first Communication on Progress to support our commitment to the UN Global Compact.