Management Philosophy

Seek innovation at anytime, anywhere.
Bring innovation to R&D, technology, operation, procedure, product and strategy with new thinking and new concepts in order to replace the old with the new, day after day.
Innovation stems from knowledge; knowledge comes from learning. Shenzhen Cellularmega Co.LTD. shall endeavor to promote lifelong learning so as to secure an unlimited source of creativity.

We shall abide by pertinent laws and uphold integrity to create an ideal, fair and reasonable environment for development.
We shall be effective in coordination and collaboration to shape a corporate-family culture that emphasizes task division and cooperation.
We shall work as a team for optimal efficiency and productivity by integrating corporate resources for mutual growth.

As individuals, our pursuit lies in challenging and surpassing ourselves.
In management, we shall strive for constant breakthroughs and challenge our limits.
We shall outdo our competitors in our performance by staying in the lead and pursuing excellence.
The path to perfection is never-ending. We shall strive to do better today than yesterday to create new opportunities for tomorrow.