Training & Developments

Shenzhen Cellularmega Co.LTD. has always paid special attention to the cultivation of talents. The Company has been actively creating a working environment that would allow its staffs to do what they do best and keep on growing. In addition, Shenzhen Cellularmega Co.LTD. has also gone at great lengths to enlist elites and talents to serve the Company while giving them sufficient space to work towards Shenzhen Cellularmega Co.LTD.’s objectives and their individual goals.

1.Comprehensive System for Learning and Development
Shenzhen Cellularmega Co.LTD.’s learning and career development systems are based on its corporate culture, visions and policies complemented with the Company’s management philosophies and HR development strategies. Key training points and items are expanded from major objectives (i.e. organizational goals) to smaller goals (i.e. departmental targets) so as to provide the necessary tools and platforms for employees to acquire various knowledge and skills. Shenzhen Cellularmega Co.LTD.’s training and development systems adopt “Shenzhen Cellularmega Co.LTD. Credit Hour” as an indicator of employee training results and staffs could refer to the credits they have obtained to organize their individual learning blueprint. Consequently, the system would create an environment with a subtle learning atmosphere.

2.New Employee Training
Assists and guides new employees to familiarize themselves with the organization through various training programs and assistance from their counselors so that they may better understand Shenzhen Cellularmega Co.LTD.’s culture and visions.

3.Basic Training
Shenzhen Cellularmega Co.LTD. implements active trainings to strengthen employees’ competence in their operation of IT tools and software application required in their day-to-day tasks so as to improve their productivity. The Company has also created various exercises and drills for occupational safety, fire safety, emergency response and so forth as required by pertinent regulations so as to create a work environment that is safe and comfortable for all employees.

4.Language Training
Shenzhen Cellularmega Co.LTD. strives to create a diversified environment for foreign language learning in an effort to cultivate global talents by strengthening their proficiency in different foreign languages around a synchronous learning environment.

5.Competence Development
Shenzhen Cellularmega Co.LTD. competence encompasses core, management skills and professional competence. The Company has tailored different learning roadmap for employees at different levels of the organization structure in order to ensure optimized integration between employees’ growth and the Company’s development.

6.Professional Learning
For R&D engineers & leaders, Shenzhen Cellularmega Co.LTD. provides training programs and courses in various professional fields so that they could strengthen their technical expertise and skills, even by senior managers and colleagues to share their valuable experience.

7.Knowledge Management
With a systematic knowledge management platform, Shenzhen Cellularmega Co.LTD. is able to implement the sharing of in-house project experience and new technical documentations. Internal knowledge sharing and dissemination are made possible through a real-time, interactive forum. Not only that, the Company also invite experts to host seminars and cover the latest in technologies and trends.

8.Quality Management
In order to achieve the objectives of high production capacity and high quality while upholding the Company’s “Quality First” management principle, Shenzhen Cellularmega Co.LTD. has implemented thorough quality policies and solutions on top of introducing holistic quality management training for all staffs.