New Employee On Board

Welcome to Shenzhen Cellularmega Co., LTD. (the code), you can prepare the following documents in advance, report and pay tax on the day the other form. 
New report should be prepared to information: 
id copy of the front 
certificate of highest record of formal schooling copy 
account name copy 
2 inch color photos 2 (identification certificate/personnel data card use) 
finally for resignation certificate and transferred out of social security 
recent health check-up report 
New registration note: 
Check-in place/time: 
Shenzhen baoan district fuyong street SAN tin lam SAN tin highway building community. To report in the morning will, in order to avoid delay in the day of the new curriculum, please report on time, if not in accordance with the time to report for duty in the day, before the registration, please let us know. 
Wear: clean elegant is given priority to. 
File due: if you have any information (such as: resignation certificate/recent health check-up report) unable to pay at the check-in day, please pay within one week. 
If the weather: meet the typhoon Rainstorm weather conditions, such as the check-in date postpone one day. 
Contact: report any new questions, can call 0755-33882826 recruiting personnel department colleagues asked.