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High Capacity HP Compaq F4809A F4812A Li-Ion Rechargeable Laptop Battery

New 100% OEM Compatible Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack. A-Grade Battery Cell. This battery works wonderfully with, but not limited to the fillowing notebook models:


HP Pavilion ze4000/ze4100-4900/ze5000-5700 Series

ZE4101, ZE4102, ZE4103, ZE4105, ZE4111, ZE4115, ZE4120, ZE4123, ZE4125, ZE4130, ZE4133, ZE4140, ZE4145, ZE4200, ZE4201, ZE4202, ZE4204, ZE4204, ZE4206, ZE4207, ZE4208, ZE4209, ZE4210, ZE4211, ZE4214, ZE4218, ZE4219, ZE4220, ZE4221, ZE4222, ZE4224, ZE4228, ZE4229, ZE4230, ZE4231, ZE4232, ZE4234, ZE4236, ZE4239, ZE4240, ZE4241, ZE4251, ZE4258, ZE4261, ZE4262, ZE4268, ZE4271, ZE4274, ZE4278, ZE4281, ZE4282, ZE4284, ZE4288, ZE4292, ZE4294, ZE4298, ZE4500, ZE4525, ZE4900, ZE4940, ZE5000, ZE5100, ZE5155, ZE5170, ZE5185, ZE5200, ZE5300. ZE5395US, ZE5478CL, ZE5490US, ZE5400, ZE5500, ZE5600, ZE5700

HP Pavilion ze4900 Series

Pavilion ze4947WM-B (PM040UAR), Pavilion ze4901XX MV IUR (PH852AS), Pavilion ze4901EA (PJ914EA), Pavilion ze4901EA (PJ927EA), Pavilion ze4901US (PM036UA), Pavilion ze4901US (PM036UAR), Pavilion ze4902XX MV IUR (PH853AS), Pavilion ze4902EA (PJ926EA), Pavilion ze4903EA (PN621EA), Pavilion ze4903US (PM034UA), Pavilion ze4903US (PM034UAR), Pavilion ze4904EA (PJ915EA), Pavilion ze4904US (PM042UA), Pavilion ze4904US (PM042UAR), Pavilion ze4905EA (PJ912EA), Pavilion ze4906EA (PJ947EA), Pavilion ze4906EA (PN623EA), Pavilion ze4906US (PM035UA), Pavilion ze4906US (PM035UAR), Pavilion ze4907EA (PJ943EA), Pavilion ze4907EA (PQ842EA), Pavilion ze4907WM-B (PM039UA), Pavilion ze4907WM-B (PM039UAR), Pavilion ze4908EA (PJ944EA), Pavilion ze4908US (PM041UA), Pavilion ze4908US (PM041UAR), Pavilion ze4910EA (PJ911EA), Pavilion ze4910EA (PJ931EA), Pavilion ze4910LA (PN958LA), Pavilion ze4910US (PM033UA), Pavilion ze4910US (PM033UAR), Pavilion ze4911EA (PJ933EA), Pavilion ze4911EA (PJ934EA), Pavilion ze4911US (PN586UA), Pavilion ze4911US (PN586UAR), Pavilion ze4912EA (PJ939EA), Pavilion ze4913EA (PJ937EA), Pavilion ze4914EA (PJ918EA), Pavilion ze4915EA (PJ919EA), Pavilion ze4916EA (PJ935EA), Pavilion ze4917EA (PJ942EA), Pavilion ze4918EA (PJ946EA), Pavilion ze4919CL (PM037UA), Pavilion ze4919CL (PM037UAR), Pavilion ze4920EA (PJ936EA), Pavilion ze4920LA (PN960LA), Pavilion ze4921EA (PJ916EA), Pavilion ze4922EA (PN616EA), Pavilion ze4923EA (PJ948EA), Pavilion ze4925EA (PN617EA), Pavilion ze4926EA (PJ941EA), Pavilion ze4927EA (PJ922EA), Pavilion ze4927EA (PJ928EA), Pavilion ze4928EA (PJ921EA), Pavilion ze4929EA (PJ930EA), Pavilion ze4930EA (PJ910EA), Pavilion ze4930EA (PJ932EA), Pavilion ze4930LA (PN957LA), Pavilion ze4930US (PR299UA), Pavilion ze4930US (PR299UAR), Pavilion ze4931EA (PJ917EA), Pavilion ze4931EA (PJ929EA), Pavilion ze4932EA (PN620EA), Pavilion ze4933EA (PJ925EA), Pavilion ze4933US (PR301UA), Pavilion ze4933US (PR301UAR), Pavilion ze4934EA (PJ940EA), Pavilion ze4935EA (PQ837EA), Pavilion ze4935WM (PR300UA), Pavilion ze4935WM (PR300UAR), Pavilion ze4936EA (PN624EA), Pavilion ze4937EA (PQ838EA), Pavilion ze4938EA (PJ923EA), Pavilion ze4939EA (PJ780EA), Pavilion ze4940EA (PJ913EA), Pavilion ze4940EA (PJ920EA), Pavilion ze4940LA (PN959LA), Pavilion ze4941EA (PJ949EA), 

Best replacement for the following OEM battery part numbers:

HP F4812A, F4809A, F4098A, F4809-60901, DB946A, 319411-001, 371785-001 (6-cell), 371786-001 (8-cell), 337607-003, APS BL1033, Compaq 113955-001, Compaq 294038-182, Compaq 319411-001, Compaq CQ-P2100L, HP 319411-001, HP 319411-001N, HP 371785-001, HP 371786-001, HP 916-2150, HP CQ-P2100L, HP F4098A, HP F4809, HP F4809-60901, HP F4809A, HP F4812, HP F4812A, HP HP-NX9000L, HP HP-XE4000L, HP HP-ZE4000L, Lenmar LBCQP2100L, Lenmar LBHPZE4100, Panasonic CGR-B/862AE, Sanyo 4UR18650F-2-QC-KT, Sanyo 4UR18650F-2-QC-KT2, Simplo 916-2150, Simplo 916-2160, Simplo 916-2310, Dynapack DAK100440-1130.