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Canon NB-5L Replacement Battery 3.7v Li-Ion

Replaces NB-5L lithium ion battery for SD700 SD790 SD800 SD850 SD870 SD880 SD890 SD900 SD950 SD990 IS for digital cameras and camcorders. Our digital camera batteries for are made with the highest quality parts and are guaranteed to be compatible with your original equipment. This NB-4L battery comes with a full one year warranty from Cellularmega.


Battery Specifications: 3.7v 1400mAh Lithium Ion battery


Cross Reference: , NB-5L, Digital Ixus 800 IS / IXY Digital 800 IS, PowerShot SD700 IS, PowerShot SD850 IS, PowerShot SD900, SD700 IS, SD700IS, SD700 IS Digital ELPH, SD790 IS, SD790IS, SD790 IS Digital ELPH, SD800 IS, SD800IS, SD800 IS Digital ELPH, SD850 IS, SD850IS, SD850 IS Digital ELPH, SD870 IS, SD870IS, SD870 IS Digital ELPH, SD880 IS, SD880IS, SD880 IS Digital ELPH, SD890 IS, SD890IS, SD890 IS Digital ELPH, SD900, SD950 IS, SD950IS, SD950 IS Digital ELPH, SD990 IS, SD990IS, SD990 IS Digital ELPH, IXY Digital 910 IS, 910IS, IXY Digital 900 IS, 900IS, IXY Digital 820 IS, 820IS, IXY Digital 810 IS, 810IS, IXY Digital 800 IS, 800IS, IXY Digital 2000 IS, 2000IS, IXY Digital 1000, Digital IXUS 90 IS, 90IS, Digital IXUS 900 Ti, 900Ti, Digital IXUS 950 IS, 950IS, Digital IXUS 960 IS, 960IS, Digital IXUS 970 IS, 970IS, Digital IXUS 980 IS, 980IS, Digital IXUS 800 IS, 800IS, Digital IXUS 850 IS, 850IS, Digital IXUS 860 IS, 860IS, Digital IXUS 870 IS, 870IS