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Green energy support entrepreneurship for college students, life colleges and universities
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  Cellularmega Sally code company efforts to repair and maintenance of its own branding, quality and technology innovation at the same time, also actively respond to a nation called on, attention and support to college students' entrepreneurship. Recently Cellularmega Sally yards at several universities in entrepreneurial teams launched "Cellularmega force yards mobile power national campus line" celebration began. 
  "Cellularmega force yards mobile power national campus line" will officially launched in April, after will be in the country including Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, chengdu, hangzhou, wuhan and nearly 20 cities of more than two hundred colleges and universities will sail synchronization. The national campus to recruit a large number of work-study program of university students, providing them with a platform can improve themselves and exercise capacity. At the same time, the activity of the product intelligent digital products, power consumption for college students and campus environment effect is no guarantee that the situation of the electric power is enough, to realize outdoor for a variety of digital products charging anytime and anywhere, the convenient mobile lifestyle into colleges and universities, and with the most low price, high quality and the best quality service for university fascinating life will never be without electricity! 
  Current activity preparation work is almost over, the "Cellularmega force yards mobile power national campus line" activities will continue to the end of July, stay tuned. 
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