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The International Li-ion Battery Industry
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To understand the real value of Cellularmega Battery, you need to know how the battery industry works. Almost all the lithium Ion Batteries are manufactured in China, Japan and Korea. Most of these batteries are produced for the major brands of portable electronics such as Sony, Apple, HP, Nokia, Motorola, and others. The major brands outsourced much of their production to contract manufacturers years ago, and the batteries were among the first components to be outsourced. 

Cellularmega Battery Factory  

There are over 100 manufacturers of Li-ion batteries in China. Very few of them have significant capacity, and even fewer have production contracts for the major brands. Most scrape by producing knock off batteries that they reverse engineer, or casing battery cell rejects that the larger manufacturers sell off cheap. Unfortunately, most replacement batteries for products fall into this category. It is a dirty little secret of the battery industry that much of what is produced is of substandard quality. 

The largest manufacturers in China do most of the production. Their batteries are carefully vetted and certified by the major brands for whom they produce. ISO 9001 certification is necessary, but the brands certify the factory themselves before awarding a production Contract. The factory makes the batteries, places the brand sticker on the product, then ships them to the brands for inclusion with new cell phones, computers, cameras and other products. When the brand stops selling a particular product model, production of batteries shifts to new models as well. It can be very difficult for people to find a quality replacement battery for their products, even though they are not that old.

The Cellularmega Battery Difference

Now with Cellularmega Battery you have a better choice. Our factories have been carefully analyzed from top to bottom before being certified and awarded a production contract. A factory has to accomplish this difficult feat at least three times before Cellularmega will source our batteries from them. Cellularmega then signs exclusive distribution contracts for the replacement battery market, guaranteeing an exclusive and lucrative market for our distributors. 

Cellularmega batteries come out of name brand factories, but by putting our brand on the product, we avoid paying huge royalties to owners of those brands, and can pass these savings on to consumers - all without sacrificing quality, safety and reliability. This level of quality also makes possible Cellularmega Battery’s industry leading Lifetime Warranty, which is available on most products.
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