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In the face of mobile power supply market present situation, product differentiation competition is
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  With the advent of the era of mobile intelligent terminals, mobile Internet industry as peripheral accessories products brought in another life, a smartphone development from hand to hand a mobile power supply time is very short, mobile power supply has become one of the indispensable equipment in our life, is intelligent digital products inseparable companion. 
  From start to chase after large capacity utility, to now pay attention to market segments, mobile power supply industry direction changes so rapidly that the prosperity of the market and the fierce competition, many brands are in thinking about the future development trend of mobile power supply, in psychological research users pay attention to user experience, seeking differentiation competition to gain market to increase sales. 
  Any industry, in the field of mature product, the user will be into the segmentation, according to the different needs of different users to develop targeted products, mobile power supply also has come to this stage at present. Women products, business products, outdoor products, which has become the most common ways of classification. Mobile power belongs to chronic consumables, repeat purchase cycle is relatively long. At the moment, the female market and business potential of the product is bigger, the variability of these two kinds of products is strong, easy and other topics products find spot differentiation into competition. 
  As mobile power supply information such as spontaneous combustion explosion we see an endless, security of mobile power supply by users to more and more attention. Because of security about each individual life and health. On the premise of the same performance, who played this card "security", who would get more user's trust, in the competition. Safety, of course, is not an armchair strategist, the product must have more consideration from the aspects of technology, overcharge put protection is the most basic, fire retardancy, batteries, stability, safety, etc., using specific environment, these are part of what users really care about. Should think about the longer term, mobile power supply in batteries, such as brand Cellularmega, adopting phosphonium acid lithium iron batteries, the batteries has the advantage of long service life, not spontaneous combustion explosion, disadvantage is cost and technology are high. 
  After all mobile power belongs to the "passive" digital products, it itself doesn't create user requirements, just assisted other equipment use, so if the battery technology promotion, mobile power supply may no longer exist alone, so now many mobile power supply manufacturer? How to integrate with main products, and become a module, digital products and even part of it, this may be another development direction. But always want to in front of it is harmless. If the battery research and development ability, now than to plan early, to keep more long-term competitiveness. 
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