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Japan to develop "super ion" solid state lithium battery
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  According to a report in the American physicist organization network, a Japanese research team developed a can like electrolytic current solid-state dielectric, and use it to create a solid lithium battery, its electrical conductivity can reach the level of the existing liquid lithium ion battery. The researchers say, because the more tightly solid, solid this high electrical conductivity of the solid state lithium battery can supply in a wider temperature range, stronger resistance to physical damage and high temperature. 
  Lithium ion batteries due to their high energy density and good performance, the advantages of low loss, widely used in consumer electronics and electric vehicles. At present, energy efficient, high density of chemical battery can only be achieved by liquid dielectric, and liquid medium is fragile, need additional multiple safety protection measures to battery, this makes the big battery systems are both complicated and expensive. And the existing solid dielectric conductivity is very low, actually can only be reached around one over ten of the liquid electrolyte, sensitive to temperature changes, work limit temperature is 50 ℃ to 80 ℃. 
  The team development called lithium superionic (Li10GeP2S12) new material, still use lithium ion conductor, but give them a layer crystal structure, natural crystal lattice become ions through holes, the outer structure generates ions to sports channel. They to the solid state lithium battery was tested, found in the conductive performance achieves the level of the existing liquid lithium ion battery, and new battery can in - between 100 ℃ and 100 ℃ temperature range. 
  Researchers pointed out that the solid electrolyte battery easy to forming, molding and assembly on manufacturing, manufacturing process more simple and cheap, stability is very volatile. If mass production is expected to reduce the price of consumer electronic equipment, especially in the battery will account for almost half the cost of electric cars. 
  Research shows that the electric car energy efficiency is more than gasoline engine vehicles. Especially in the city run, car stops, speed is not high, the electric car is more appropriate. Electric cars, however, it is not smooth, the rechargeable battery was associated with. As a representative of the modern high-performance batteries, lithium ion battery has several advantages can fast charge and discharge, high charging efficiency, but it can only be achieved by liquid dielectric large battery system is complex and expensive, but Japanese researchers were produced in the solid state lithium batteries, manufacturing process is simple and cheap, it will become the electric car or a big push to popularize and apply. 
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