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The new energy power code division for your interpretation of lithium battery of new rules on GB 312
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As the consumer electronics market continues to heat, lithium-ion battery market development rapidly, expanding its application range and quantity, not only single battery energy is becoming more and more high. And out of lithium battery safety accident, also make people more and more attention to the safety of the lithium battery. 
Although for the safety of lithium-ion batteries, the international and domestic several criteria are proposed, such as lithium battery transport requirement (UN38.3), mobile phone battery specification (GB/T18287-2013), a portable sealed battery safety requirements (IEC/EN 62133:62133-2012 62133), etc., but these standards have national mandatory (e.g., UN38.3 is only applicable to transportation). For a long time, our country are actively the mandatory international standards for lithium battery safety requirements. 
  China quality certification center CQC released on December 19, 2014 portable electronic products with lithium ion batteries and battery packs and safety certification rules CQC11-464114-2014, application category: CQC logo certification, 142003, the revised contents are as follows: 
  1.according to the standard by CQC3306-2013 changed to GB 31241-2014. 
  2.from the date of this notice issued, CQC new energy department began to use the new rules and certification according to the   standard acceptance of portable electronic products with lithium ion batteries and battery safety certification application, enterprise can through the CQ / 3 sites to submit application for certification. 
  SAC 3, China national standardization management committee in 2014, the number 27 announcement on December 5, which includes the standard of the portable electronic products with lithium ion batteries and battery pack and safety requirements, including 234 national standards. As can be seen from the standard GB code, the standard for national mandatory standard, and the standards will be in August 1, 2015 formally implemented. 
  For portable electronic products with lithium ion batteries and battery pack (Jane battery) under the national standard of GB 31241-31241, the China quality certification center CQC safety certification batteries reference standard will change from CQC3306 GB31241-2014. NTEK obtained CQC 3306 leading CNAS laboratory qualification of all projects, that means NTEK has perfect test platform of GB 31241-2014, it will be NTEK smooth transition to the typical symbol of GB 31241. 

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